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Wednesday, January 30,

Laboratory work no. 2

  • E2.1 Name:

  • Infineon ARM XMC for Education

  • E2.2 Overview, purpose.

  • Laboratory documentation aims to explore the development trends of Embedded Computer development tools that provide rapid and efficient deployment of non-application-specific hardware applications. The basic elements of the ARduino environment configuration for Infineon ARM processors are introduced.
    The main goal is to develop an answer to the question "What is an embedded computer" by making an application easy to understand / replicated and attractive to the learner. Target: high school students.


  • E2.3 Resources:
  • Hardware:
    XMC1100 boot kit development platform, XMC1300 Boot Kit, XMC4700, XMC2GO
    Segger J-Flash
    Segger J-Link
    Arduino Arduino
    Extension for XMC at address:
    Arduino Extension for XMC
    Where the processors are made
  • E2.4 Program example:

  • Example program

  • E2.5 Experiment Run / Tracking Mode:

  • Consider how to attach Infineon platforms to the Arduino programming environment
  • Attach the json file according to the drawing below:

  • Explore the development resources of the XMC2GO Platform ;

  • Explore the development resources of the XMC1100 boot Kit platform

    Explore the development resources of the XMC4700 / 4800 platform

  • Analyze / execute the example program;
  • Solving prototype issues;

  • E2.6 Proposed Issues:

  • 1. Make a program that will allow you to test digital outputs. 2. Make an extension and a program that allows verification of extensions input connections
    3. Make a program that allows listening to music notes;
    4. Use a program that allows you to perform a score of 30 musical notes.
    5. Make a program that will change the intensity of a light bulb with a resistive sensor glove.

  • E2.7 The experiment may be extended to:

  • - Embedded systems based on STEM;
    - Achieving active components for physics lessons;
    - Developing green energy study systems; - Achieving an experimental engine;
    - Education & Research

  • E2.8 Documentary references:

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