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Wednesday, January 30, 11:51

Experiment No. 6

  • L6.1 Name

  • ARM Cortex M4 - BLDC control

  • L6.2 Overview, purpose

  • Laboratory work aims to explore the brushless interference and control modes of brushless DC motors using the XMC4700 development platform based on the ARM Cortex M4 processor . DAVE components are used to generate PWM and ESC for motor interfaces. At the end of the lab, detailed information will be provided on how to generate PWM sequences for ESC systems for BLDC. .

    European phase of the Intelligent Car Racing competition

  • L6.3 Resources

  • Hardware: Platform XMC4700 Relax Kit, ESC-30A Hobbysky, BLDC Motors, 12 V Battery,
    Software: DAVE4.3.2 Development Environment;
    Arduino for Infineon XMC

  • L11.4 Program example

  • DAVE program control BLDC traction

  • L6.5 Laboratory mode

    • Explore the resources of the development platform XMC4700 relax kit provided with Cortex M4 processor;

    • Examining the mechanical structures for the manufacture of electric vehicles for competitions;
    • It analyzes how to allocate pins for the Arduino programming variant:

    • It analyzes how to achieve traction (4X4) with BLDC engine;

    • It explores the execution of the prototype program designed to control traction with BLDC;
    • It solves the proposed problems

    • L6.6 Proposed Issues

    • 1. Develop an application to determine the maximum motion speed of DAVE / Arduino;
      2. Experiment with ESC initialization time using DAVE / Arduino;
      3. Develop an application for displaying the speed of traction wheels;
      4. Create a program that will allow you to display the level of the traction battery;
      5. Make an application that will allow BLDC control with a mobile / BT phone;

    • L6.7 The laboratory may be extended to:
      • Manufacture of electric vehicles;
      • Making Mobile Active Systems with Mobile Phones;
      • Designing mobile systems for electromobility - Continental;
      • Smart Vehicle Design for NXP Intelligent Car Racing 2018/9;

    • L6.8 Collateral Information

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