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Wednesday, 30 Jan,
Time 12:12

Experiment no. 7

  • L7.1 Name:

  • eCAR ​​- steering direction with RTOS

  • E7.1 Overview, purpose.

  • The laboratory experiment continues with the direction for an electric vehicle as well as with multitask applications. The possibilities of signal generation for servo direction control and the use of multiple action implementation facilities are explored using ARM RTX. At the end of the lab there will be information on the control of servo devices that can be activated simultaneously with other actuators in an electric vehicle.

  • E7.3 Resources:

  • - eCar assembly made with XMC4700 Relax Kit, oscilloscope;

  • L7.4 Program example:

  • RTOS program 2 actions

    Steering direction

    control Multitasking control

  • E7.5 Experiment Run / Tracking Mode:

    • Analyze how to achieve direction using servo drives;
    • Analyze RTOS ARM RTX components
    • Analyze the XMC4700 Relax kit development chart ;

    • Make projects with prototype programs and track execution by identifying the use of Infineon DAVE components;

  • L7.6 Proposed Issues:

  • 1. Make a program that will allow precise determination of the movement limits of the wheels involved in the direction ;;

    2. Establish a program that allows rotation of the direction depending on the position of a potentiometer connected to an analog input;

    3. Make a program that will allow directional control simultaneously with that of traction;

    4. Record the execution of 3 tasks; 5. Create a program that will control direction and traction over the mobile phone;

  • L7.7 The experiment may be extended to:

  • - Implementing applications based on the Real Time Operating System;
    - Achieving actuators for motion control;
    - Establishment of video surveillance systems for surveillance;
    - Drawing of two-direction drawing / cutting systems; - Making automotive instrumentation; - Establishment of CNC type systems;

  • L7.8 Documentary references:

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