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Wednesday, 30 Jan,
Time 12:24

Experiment no. 8

  • L8.1 Name:

  • eCAR ​​- steering wheel interface (HMI)

  • E8.2 Overview, purpose.

  • The lab work explores how to make an HMI type entry in a steering wheel steering wheel e_CAR. The basic concepts of data acquisition are introduced through the analogue-to-digital converter, displaying them in different formats, and the possibilities of making a steering wheel capable of activating the servo steering system e_CAR.

  • E8.3 Resources:

  • - eCar assembly made with XMC4700 Relax Kit, potentiometric steering wheel;

  • L8.4 Program example:

  • Test program + A / D converter data display

    Driver-servo control program

  • E8.5 Experiment Run / Tracking Mode:

    • Analyze the A / D module in the XMC4700 -ARM Cortex M4 structure and the DAVE resources;

    • Analyze RTOS ARM RTX components
    • Analyze the XMC4700 Relax kit development chart ;

    • Make projects with prototype programs and track execution by identifying the use of Infineon DAVE components;

  • L8.6 Proposed Issues:

  • 1. Interconnect the A / D temperature sensor to an A / D sensor and make a program that will allow it to be calibrated;

    2. Make a program that will allow the steering wheel to be linearized;

    3. Make a program that will allow directional control simultaneously with that of traction;

    4. Make a program that will activate the signal if the steering wheel performs a rotation of more than 15 degrees; 5. Create a program that will allow you to display the temperature of the traction motor;

  • L8.7 The experiment may be extended to:

  • - Implementing applications based on the Real Time Operating System;
    - Achieving actuators for motion control;
    - Establishment of video surveillance systems for surveillance;
    - Drawing of two-direction drawing / cutting systems; - Making automotive instrumentation; - Establishment of CNC type systems;

  • L8.8 Documentary references:

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