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Technical University of Iasi - Fac. Automation and Computers
Embedded Systems
Tuesday, 29 Jan,
Time 8:31

Laboratory work no. 11

  • E11.1 Name:

  • IOT - WEB server for natural sounds

  • E11.2 Overview, purpose.

  • The experiment aims to present a method of integrating IoT technologies into the universe of classical musical objects. The possibilities of reliability of actuators for classical instruments controllable through mobile equipment networks are explored, a suggestive drawing being available here . At the end of the lab, detailed information will be provided on how to build a web server capable of generating sounds through classical music instruments actuators.

  • E11.3 Resources:

  • Platform Raspberry pi 2/3, actuator, bell, driver

  • E11.4 Sources of prototype programs:

  • Sound Web Server Sound 2
    Sound 3
    Sound 8

  • E11.5 Experiment Running / Tracking Mode:

    • Analyze how to make the bell actuator driver;
    • Analyze the interference to Rpi of an electromagnet;
    • Install the Python video software modules;
    • Analyze how to generate the sound
    • Identify the components specific to the video camera used in prototype programs;
    • Using a browser, look at the web server response mode;
    • Solve the proposed problems;

  • E11.6 Proposed Issues:

  • 1. Make an extension of the WEB server to generate 12 sounds;
    2. Activate the server without capturing the images;
    3. Create an active page that will activate the bell like a ringtone;
    4. Using Unix Cron develop a solution for marking the exact time;
    5. Develop a solution to generate sounds with adjustable amplitude;

  • E11.7 The experiment may be extended to:

  • - Running classic sound generation systems with the phone;
    - Developing intelligent interfaces for the bell towers;
    - Development of actuators for musical instruments with strings;
    - Development of warning systems;

  • E11.8 Documentary references:

  • 2018 Fl. Pantilimonescu - Fac. Automation and Computers Iasi