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Technical University of Iasi - Fac. Automation and Computers
Embedded Systems
Tuesday, January 29,
Time 15: 8

Laboratory work no. 2

  • E2.1 Name:

  • Linux Machine - Raspberry Pi 2 / GPIO

  • E2.2 Overview, purpose.

  • The lab experiment aims to explore the possibilities of realizing digital extensions for the Raspberry Pi platform using Linux alternatives. At the end of the lab, detailed information will be provided on how to use the wiringPi modules for digital systems control.

  • E2.3 Resources:

  • Raspberry platforms 1 + 2, audio extension, LED extension, piezoceramic actuator


    1. Educational modules RPI
    2. Raspberry PI 2
    3. ARM Cortex A7

  • E2.4 Prototype Source:

  • Program blue
    Program green
    Program red
    Button program

  • E2.5 Experiment Run / Tracking Mode:

    • Review the Raspberry Pi platform
    • Analyze the structure of the inbound / outbound ports:

    • Connects to PuTTY at 192.168.xx
    • Editing the prototype program;
    • How to connect the LED and audio extension
    • Compiles and launches the 4 processes in the background;
    • The oscilloscope follows the form of the signals at pin1;
    • It explores the possibilities of using wiringPI for sound generation;
    • Solving prototype issues;

  • E2.6 Proposed Issues:

  • 1. Make a program that will allow full verification of the Rpi extension. 2. Make an extension and a program that allows verification of extensions input connections
    3. Create a program that will allow you to generate sounds on GPIO outputs;
    4. Make the execution of the programs in the background / foreground clear

    5. Make an application that will allow you to generate sounds (melody) at mid-hour. And throughout the current semester.

  • E2.7 The experiment may be extended to:

  • - Embedded systems based on Linux;
    - Making basic components for the Internet of Things universe;
    - Generation of sound / ultrasonic signals;
    - Mobile systems with visual abilities;
    - Research equipment ;
    - Education & Research

  • E2.8 Documentary references:

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