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Technical University of Iasi - Fac. Automation and Computers
Embedded Systems
Tuesday, January 29,
Time 7:42

Laboratory No. 4

  • L4.1 Name

  • Sensor send mail

  • L4.2 Overview, purpose

  • The lab work explores the possibilities of using SMTP servers to send messages by sensors. The DS1820 temperature sensor connected to Rpi, activating the 1 wire protocol, Python, is the proposed ingredients for use. The Saleae model signal analyzer is introduced to view the data for the 1 wire protocol.

  • L4.3 Resources

  • Hardware: Raspberry pi, DS1820 sensor, Saleae analyzer, router with Internet connection

  • L3.4 Prototype Program

  • Program sensor to mail
    Program send mail

  • L4.5 Laboratory deployment / tracking

    • It analyzes the 1 wire communication protocol through which DS1820 is connected to Rpi. Connect the input signal 0 to the signal analyzer and observe the data reception time shown below:

      Analyze the sensor response from the following representation:

      Identify the bit duration of the representation:

      In the /boot/config.txt file
      add the line:
      dtoverlay = w1-gpio as

      which will allow the GP187 to use the signal from the DS1820.
      This can be done as follows:> ls / sys / bus / w1 /
      which will return:

      Load the driver for the 1wire sensor is done as follows:
      > sudo modprobe w1-gpio > sudo modprobe w1-therm In the directory / sys / bus / w1 / devices / a directory is created with the sensor code. Here is the w1_slave file that is updated with the temperature data as follows: The

      contents of the w1_slave file are:

      To install drivers to the boot sequence, /etc/rc.local the following commands:
      sudo modprobe w1-gpio
      sudo modprobe w1-therm

    • L4.6 Proposed Issues
      • December
      • 1. Connect 2 temperature sensors and set up a program sequence for reading the data;
      • 2. Make the prototype program on Rpi zero;
      • 3. Modify the prototype program to send mail based on 2 temperatures;
      • 4. Develop a method of sending mail with temperature on December 23, 2018;
      • 5. Insert with modprobe the launch of the W1 drivers in the boot sequence.

    • L3.7 The experiment may be extended to:

    • - Establishment of networks of sensors able to communicate on the Internet;
      - Implementation of alarm and protection equipment;
      - Implementation of environmental monitoring systems;
      - Build smart homes;

    • L5.8 Collateral Information

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