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Laboratory work no. 9

  • L9.1 Name:

  • ARM Cortex M4 XMC4700 - OLED Interface

  • L9.2 Overview, purpose.

  • The lab work aims at exploring Human Machine Interaction resources within Infineon development platforms. OLED display systems with SEPS525 controller and SEWEB emWIN library included in DAVE for embedded applications are introduced. At the end of the laboratory will be essential information on how to achieve a graphical instrument interface for the Infineon 4700 Relax Kit platform.

  • L9.3 Resources:

  • Hardware:
    XMC4700 Relax kit, HMI board, cable connections
    Infineon DAVE 4.32
    Graphics library documentation Segger emWin5

  • L9.4 Program example :

  • Example program

  • L9.5 Experiment Run / Tracking Mode:

    • Updates the paths for GUI.h in prj-properties according to GUI_Zggger_lib help.
    • Speed ​​is set to 1000 and SPI mode with sync on the creator queue;

    • It analyzes the Relax kit interconnection scheme on HMI;

    • It examines how to connect the SEP256F module to ARM Cortex M4;
    • It explores the functions of the Segger emWin5 library;
    • There is a Dave project with the source of the prototype program and the execution on the Relax kit platform;
    • It solves the proposed problems.

  • L9.6 Proposed Issues:

  • 1. Make a sequence of programs that allow floating point numbers to be displayed ;
    2. Using the appropriate emWin functions , create a program that will display a classic measuring instrument with a needle indicator;

    3. Make a program that will draw an icon composed of rectangles and colored circles;
    4. Make a program sequence will draw a mobile ball reflected by the walls of a rectangular maze ;
    5. Create a program that allows you to display binary information.

  • L9.7 The experiment may be extended to:

  • - Making active nodes with color graphics interface;
    - Performing intelligent instrumentation with disply graphics;
    - Car systems development;
    - Making the mobile imaging / sound processing system.

  • L9.8 Documentary references:

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